Quality and Safety Policies

Bridger Aerospace Quality Mindset

At Bridger Aerospace, our processes and Quality Systems are defined by four sets of requirements.

  1. Customer requirements
  2. Regulatory requirements
  3. Internal requirements
  4. Quality standard requirements

By meeting, or exceeding every one of these requirements, we have met the Bridger Aerospace “Definition of Quality”, which is conformance to requirements. This in turn will ensure safety and excellence in the Aerial Firefighting industry.

We achieve conformance to these requirements by following the guidelines set forth in our RSQCM, and by maintaining a Quality Management System. This Quality Management System allows us to set measurable objectives in all facets of the business to ensure we are accountable to our performance goals. Further, this system will push us to continually improve our processes, add structure to, and support our maintenance operations.

In summary, the Bridger Aerospace Quality Mindset is a powerful tool which we utilize to achieve our top priority.

“Mission First, Safety Always.”

Quality Objectives

  1. Ensure conformity of parts & services and ensure compliance in maintenance operations.
  2. Maintain and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Continual improvement of the Quality Management System.
  4. Maximize aircraft readiness so we can serve the customer on time


Bridger Aerospace Safety Culture

Bridger Aerospace is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to all members of the organization and maintaining safety as the top priority, always.

To accomplish this, Bridger Aerospace will maintain a Safety Management System that will communicate safety information to employees and provide a framework for setting safety objectives. The Safety Management System will also provide employees with a platform to identify and report hazards or safety issues to management. Bridger Aerospace will not initiate disciplinary measures against any employee for reporting a safety issue.

All Bridger Aerospace employees share in the efforts, responsibilities, and accountabilities needed to strengthen and solidify the safety culture. This results in continuous improvement to our processes and ensures all our aviation activities uphold the highest safety performance levels.


Safety Objectives

  1. Strive for zero reportable safety incidents annually.
  2. Employee engagement in the safety program.
  3. Knowledge sharing to reduce risks and create a prevention focused safety culture