On Tuesday, October 5th Bridger Aerospace dispatched a team of two CL-415EAF Super Scoopers to the South Moccasin Fire approximately seven miles northwest of Lewistown, MT.

The cause of this fire in central Montana is still unknown and is under investigation. It was started the previous day on October 4th and quickly consumed thousands of acres, requiring air support and ground crews. Bridger was one of a few aerial firefighting companies dispatched to the fire and provided water bombing efforts.

As of Friday, October 8th the South Moccasin Fire was 100% contained after ground crews tended to the remaining “hot spots” along the fire’s perimeter.

A resident of Lewistown personally thanked Bridger Aerospace for its efforts and quick response to the fire.

He wrote: “My name is Steve Balster, and I own a ranch about 3.5 miles east of the South Moccasin mountains. I want to send you a very heartfelt thank you for sending your two tankers up here to help fight the big fire on Tuesday. Without your generous assistance, I am sure that we wouldn’t have had the success we had in controlling the fire. Up until yesterday, we weren’t very sure of the outcome, and today things are looking very good as the fire has really subsided with very little smoke. Again, thank you so much.

Bridger Aerospace is proud to provide aerial firefighting services across the United States but notes a little extra encouragement from families and communities in its home state of Montana. Thank you to all who have provided and continue to support and fight on the South Moccasin Fire.