We know firsthand the damage that wildfires can cause, and each year, we hope that we have already seen the worst. Unfortunately, the 2021 fire season challenged our team with an unprecedented level of wildfires across the United States.

Our mission is to use our innovative and field-tested resources to protect lives and property. Our crews have worked tirelessly to fulfill our obligations to support the wildland firefighters, and we are proud of what each has accomplished.

In the last few months, our pilots have flown all over the middle and western United States. Our maintenance crews have logged thousands of miles and worked through the night to keep our aircraft maintained and ready for action day after day.

The Super Scoopers have dropped well over 5 million gallons of water and responded to over 142 fire dispatches. Our air attack team has flown on over 2,300 hours and responded to more than 640 fire dispatches.

The 2021 fire season isn’t over yet. Many on our team are still battling fires out on the West Coast. We will not yield in our commitment to serving our communities and wish everyone still fighting fires a safe return home as soon as possible.