Counter UAS Operation

Bridger Aerospace operates world-leading counter drone technology to prevent disruptions from sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) during firefighting missions. Operating Ascent Visions Technologies’ (AVT) revolutionary counter UAS system, the X-MADIS, Bridger’s trained team of operators provide a complete soft-kill solution against drones.

  • Expert Counter UAS Team Bridger’s trained team of operators have over two years experience in testing and fielding the X-MADIS counter UAS system.
  • Proven Technology
    The X-MADIS, eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System, is a reliable system actively protecting combat forces, VIPs and critical infrastructure against hostile sUAS.
  • Superior Detection of sUAS
    To ensure the wildfire management mission can run smoothly, the X-MADIS provides reliable, long range hemispheric detection of small unmanned aerial systems.

    • 5km Detection by Radar
    • 3km Detection by Daylight Sensor
    • 2km Detection by Thermal Sensor