Company Overview


Bridger Aerospace was founded in 2014 as an aerial firefighting company and has since become a leader in the field of aerial wildfire suppression. Its focus is to provide government agencies with the most effective tools to support and protect firefighters on the ground.

CL-415EAF Super Scoopers

Direct Attack Method

The CL-415EAF Super Scooper uses water to directly attack and suppress the fire.

  • Currently we operate four Scoopers with two additional units expected in 2022.
  • They are the only purpose-built aerial firefighting assets in the world.
  • By using local water sources, the Scoopers can repeatedly attack the fire in rapid succession with 5,345 liters of water per drop.
  • If water sources are within 16 kilometers of a fire, our Scoopers can drop over 124,918 liters of water on a fire before refueling.
  • Utilizing water instead of chemical retardant is a more environmentally friendly method of fire suppression.


Bridger’s Super Scoopers are contracted to the U.S. Forest Service, Department of the Interior, and various states including Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, California, and Minnesota.

Contract Options

  • Exclusive Use Contracts: Guaranteed agreements that secure aircraft availability for the contracting agency over a period of time (typically 90 or 120 days).
  • Call When Needed Contracts: Agreements that allow governments to obtain Bridger’s Super Scoopers on an as-needed basis, provided they are available.
  • Rates: For each contract type, Bridger is paid a flat daily availability rate and an hourly flight rate.

Daily availability rates are usually lower for Exclusive Use agreements, allowing the contracting agency to budget for the aircraft annually.


All maintenance is done by our certified team in our Bozeman, Montana facility or in the field while the aircraft are on contract.

Mobile Repair Units

Each Scooper team is supported by a fully equipped Mobile Repair Unit for in-field aircraft maintenance.


Super Scooper


  • Fuel Cycle: 4 hrs.
  • Fire Traffic Area Cruise Speed: 150 kts.
  • Aircraft Top Speed: 180 kts.
  • Scooping Speed: 70-90 Kts.
  • Drop Speed: 110 kts.
  • Minimum Preferred Scooping depth without stopping: 2 meters of water

Air Attack

Bridger operates the Twin Commander, Daher Kodiak 100, and the Pilatus PC-12 platforms for Type 1 Air Attack to provide effective aerial supervision over wildfires.

Air Attack

Definition: Utilizing aircraft to create an aerial command center over a wildfire incident and coordinate with aerial firefighting resources, an Incident Commander, ground crews, media, and law enforcement aircraft.