Aerial Firefighting Services

New Standards and Innovative Solutions in our Mission to Fight Fires and Support Wildland Firefighters

Air Attack Platform


Modernizing the Standard for Type 1 ATGS Platforms


SuperScooper Platform


A series of CL-415EAF platforms for effective wildfire suppression.


Unmanned Aerial Systems


Aerial intelligence gathering and wildfire mapping in real-time.


Type 1 Air Attack Platforms

We offer Type 1 Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS) Platforms in support of the U.S. Forest Service, the US Department of the Interior, CAL FIRE and various state governments.

Since our founding, we have expanded our fleet from a single plane to operating one of the largest Type 1 Air Attack ATGS platforms in the United States.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of support for crews on the ground working in challenging wildfire conditions by maintaining fully reliable and technically proficient services.


2021 Fire Season Stats

  • Over 670 Fire Dispatches
  • Over 2,500 Hours Flown

Daher | Kodiak 100

  • STOL – Backcountry Specialist
  • 4 Units Available
  • ROLE: Air Attack & Personnel Transport

Twin Commander

  • Industry Standard Twin Engine Aircraft
  • 8 Units Available
  • ROLE: Air Attack & Fire Mapping

Initial Attack

We operate the latest CL-415EAF platform from Viking Air; the only aircraft purpose-built from the ground up to fight fires.

Utilizing our fleet, we are able to quickly and effectively drop large amounts of water onto fires to support ground crews and protect our communities.

With a normal fuel cycle of four hours, the Super Scoopers can remain on a fire for an extended period of time.


Why our Scoopers use water:

  • Nearby water sources allow for frequent drops, providing consistent and rapid support for firefighters on the ground.
  • In cases where water sources are within 10 miles of a fire, our Scoopers can drop over 33,000 gallons of water on a fire before needing to refuel.
  • Scoopers can fill their water tanks with a total of 1,412 gallons of water in as little as 12 seconds.
  • In addition, the water our Scoopers drop provides the additional benefit of using environmentally safe methods of fighting fire.

2021 Fire Season Stats

  • Over 5.1 Million Gallons Dropped
  • Over 125 Fire Dispatches

Viking Air Limited | CL-415EAF


  • The only purposefully built aerial firefighting asset
  • 4 Units Available (with 2 more arriving in 2022)
  • ROLE: Initial Attack & Extended Attack
  • Efficient | Effective | Eco-Friendly

UAS Operation

We were the first team contracted by the Department of the Interior to operate a fleet of unmanned aircraft on-call above active wildfires throughout the United States.

This is the first UAV contract by the Bureau of Land Management or the United States Forest Service in support of active wildfire management.

Our UAS can fly in low visibility and hazardous conditions to provide incident commanders with accurate fire intelligence.

Equipped with gyro-stabilized imaging systems capable of real-time electro optical/infra-red imaging provided by Ascent vision Technologies (AVT)

We collect and provide aerial data to support wildland fire operations, search and rescue, and emergency management.

Infrared cameras allow us to conduct missions at night, giving front-line firefighters critical data.

We continually strive to provide cutting edge technology and serve our customers as effectively as possible.


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