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Bridger Aerospace is an industry leader in aerial wildfire management, relief and suppression, delivering powerful firefighting services using next-generation technology.

Bridger operates best in-class Type 1 Air Attack platforms, Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT), CL-415EAF Water Scoopers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Counter UAS Systems (X-MADIS) to facilitate an effective and successful firefighting mission.



Bridger Aerospace is the only full-spectrum aerial firefighting service provider in the United States.

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Bridger Aerospace was founded in 2014 as a specialist in aerial wildfire solutions, delivering powerful technology and aerial solutions to the U.S. government and the public. Bridger has since become leader in the field of aerial wildfire management, offering world-leading technology and services to provide key fire data to the front-line fighters and fire suppression to effectively combat wildfires.