Initial Attack


Aerial Firefighting Services Tailored for Initial Attack Missions

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul


Reliable Technology Ready for the Mission at Hand

Technology Solutions


Advanced Technology Solutions Optimized for Wildfire Management Operations

The Next Generation of Aerial Firefighting Services

Bridger Aerospace aggressively innovates in the field of aerial firefighting by investing in ground breaking technology, new airframes, pioneering UAV platforms, advanced sensor technology and an unparalleled team. Our base in Bozeman, Montana serves as our home and our community. We are proud to be a part of the Montana aviation community.

Aerial Firefighting Services


Comprehensive services for wildfire management, relief and suppression


Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul


Comprehensive maintenance and repair services for aerial firefighting equipment


Technology Solutions

Innovative solutions for real-time fire mapping, intelligence and counter UAS


Trusted by the U.S. Government to Deliver Reliable Firefighting Solutions


Bridger Aerospace is comprised of motivated, experienced and highly-trained aviation
professionals. Over 50% of our team members are veterans of the U.S. military.

Pioneering Aerial Wildfire Solutions


Air Attack

Bridger’s next-generation Air Attack platforms enable rapid response to wildfires to facilitate efficient fire suppression.

Aerial Tanker

With a fleet of CL-415EAF platforms, Bridger is the only company to provide a full spectrum aerial firefighting service in the nation.

UAV Operation

For accurate and reliable real-time aerial surveillance and fire mapping, Bridger uses a pioneering, fully integrated VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Counter UAS

Using the world-leading X-MADIS, fully integrated counter UAS system to prevent sUAS disruptions during wildfire management operations.

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