Our mission is to utilize our world-class team, specialized aircraft, and innovative technology to save lives, property, and habitats threatened by wildfires.

Aerial Firefighting

Maintenance & Repair

Innovative Technology

Who We Serve

Since 2015, we have been supporting U.S. State Governments with aerial wildfire suppression and management services. Our key clients include:

Air Attack

Bridger’s next-generation Air Attack platforms enable rapid response to wildfires to facilitate efficient fire suppression.


The only purposefully built aircraft to fight fires. The CL-415EAF is born to fight fires.

UAS Operation

For accurate and reliable real-time aerial surveillance and fire mapping, Bridger uses a pioneering, fully integrated VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Counter UAS

Using the world-leading X-MADIS, fully integrated counter UAS system to prevent sUAS disruptions during wildfire management operations.

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